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  Homeschooling was never something I thought I was going to-do , Public School was always something that I just assumed would work out for our family. And that the public school system would do well for my kids. As my first entered JK she did amazing, she was the top of her class and enjoyed school. Same went for SK she enjoyed school and was always a great student , the teachers LOVED her. Then first grade hit and school started to go down hill , she started to dislike going , started to change in negative ways , became unhappy and just " different ", I wanted MY child back.

I started noticing kids her age ( 6 ) dressing like mini pop stars , who new ALL the words to hit songs that I even didn't know fully and I enjoy music .I also personally didn't find some music they new appropriate for the age group.It was when she started coming home and frantically search/watching You Tube for music videos to memorize , so she'd " fit in " I began to look into home school. My heart broke a little for her , it was not something a 6 year old she should be going through.

What happened to playing with barbies , baby dolls ,playing outside , making forts , climbing a tree?

Anyways among that , she started to get bullied
( yes in the first grade )and it was not something I wanted my child to go through. Specially at such a young age. The early years are the foundations of who they will become.Why expose them to such negativity.?

After the xmas break , it got so bad she stopped eating , then other things followed in the 2 weeks after that just hit a nerve and I was done. The public school system failed my family and my daughter should not have to suffer thought it. So I pulled her out , I cant stress it enough it was the best feeling in the world to bring her home and not have to worry about public school ever again.My only obstacle was telling family and friends , And a obstacle it will ALWAYS be.
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Our Daily Life

Im not going to say its perfect , Nor is it easy. Its takes work and a lot of effort on everyone's part. Sometimes the laundry dosnt get done , or dinner is late , sometimes I want to rip my hair out.Yes some days the house looks like a bomb went off , some days we even "skip" schooling.Some days we lay on the sofa and watch educational videos.
    But honestly that's OK , we make it up in daily life activities. Cleaning up the house teaching life lessons and healthy habits/lifestyles, Cooking can be a math lessons , doing the laundry colour recognition and sorting. And the reason for that is because we use the Charlotte Mason Method
   WE dont have set routines per say because life changes and there's honestly nothing I can do about it. We get done what we need to get done ,in our own way and a way that works for everyone invovled. Thats all there is too it , some will disagree and some will agree but that's the joy of homeschooling , FREEDOM.

But what really matters to me is watching my children learn.And grow to their full potential.

Teaching ASL to my 15 month old and watching her grow and understand at such a young age ( not really HS related but w.e lol )

Teaching my 3 year old ( at the time ). Work she shouldnt of even started for another year and a half if she was in the PS system. And her learning faster than I could teach , blew me away.She strives to do her best , and watching her face beam when she learns something new and masters it with ease and utter perfection lol.

Teaching my 1st grader , and watching her excel faster than she did in all 3 years of PS.Watching her interests in subjects that suit her grow into a passion . It showed me I did the right thing for my kids.

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